Public Health 101: The Perks of an Effective Wastewater Treatment Plan

It is amazing how 3/4 of the Earth is covered with water, however, it is surprising to know that only 1% of this is usable fresh water. Furthermore, it was found that Australia may have been on the top for most water wasted, given the most fresh water comes from underground (Hoekstra, Chapagain et al. 2006). With a water wastage equivalent of eight swimming pools per year when the study was conducted, improvements had to be made. Should improvements in water treatment such as upgraded Dissolved Air Flotation processes haven’t been passed, it was seen that 2 out of 3 people will live in water-stressed conditions by 2025.

Here are some summarized FAQs that may shed more light about wastewater treatments such as what Dissolved Air Flotation Brisbane water treatment specialists provide:

It sounds so scientific and technical. What does it mean really? How does it work?

Dissolved Air Flotation is a means to remove the waste from the water by dissolving air particles under pressure. Once dissolved, these are subject to atmospheric pressure levels to raise them to the surface, the waste tagging along. Since this works on an atomic level, waste and dust also go the surface. From there, they are skimmed with a mechanism. Additionally, most providers of Brisbane Dissolved Air Flotation comes with a patented upgrade for the skimming process that eliminates the need for mechanical scrapers.

Does this wastewater treatment help the environment?

That’s a big yes. At an alarming rate, studies show that freshwater animals go extinct five times faster than land animals. It’s relevance? Because fresh water is wasted for consumerist demands and other uses, natural water supplies are tapped, hitting fresh water wildlife. Imagine being able to recycle 8 swimming pools of fresh, drinkable, usable water. The more water isn’t wasted the better. Mother nature will greatly appreciate it. This is why measures have been done to encourage industries, businesses, and households to consider most water treatment procedures like Dissolved Air Flotation systems.

What parameters do I look for a specialized provider?

Quality and technological edge are some things to consider when you find Dissolved Air Flotation Brisbane specialists provide. You should also look for a tech-smart engineering team that may provide you cost-efficient wastewater treatment suites. Simplicity without functional compromise is a plus you’d really appreciate in the long run. What’s more is, while availing of this, you reap the benefits with mother nature. It isn’t enough to be just knowledgeable, it helps to be wise. Consider the difference when looking for specialists to entrust your wastewater management concerns.

Recycle water. Help the Environment. Consider DAF Wastewater Treatment.

The DAF treatment has been around since the 1920’s and in those years, almost a century later, improvements have been made in the dissolving process and the scraping phase of the treatment. Efficient, simplistic systems that save energy, thus cost, may just what your household or business needs in helping the environment out.

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