Parking Lot Maintenance Tips for the Busy Yet Meticulous Master of the Garage

As a car owner, you would by now know the importance of doing a proper car maintenance routine for the best interest of your automobile. But did you know the same also goes for the place where you store your car? Yes, the parking space also needs care supplementary to your car maintenance goals. Although caring for your parking lot involves different factors such as concrete, painting the curb, hiring the right asphalt contractors, and others, it is just as important as a proper car maintenance routine for the sake of your car.


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Maintaining the aesthetics and form of your curb and parking space in the home also needs your attention. To tend to it appropriately, here are some useful tips you can do:

Handy Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

1. Always sweep the area clean

It might not seem obvious at first, but keeping debris like leaves, dirt, rocks, and other foreign particles out of your parking space actually help extend its life. These minor irritants should regularly be kept and swept off your pavement. Why? In time, this debris can soften your sub base or even hamper the drainage that keeps the water off your parking space.

2. Keep a close eye for irregularities

When you regularly sweep across your parking space, you can also easily detect some irregularities. As they say, prevention is better than cure. The best way to lower your costs for pavement repair from asphalt contractors Sydney has now is to be vigilant enough to detect minor damages before they develop into major ones. Always look out for small holes and cracks to remedy them before it gets worse.

3. Check the drainage system

Maintaining a proper drainage system also works wonders to the beauty of your parking space. The pavement’s stability gets weaker when it is subject to standing water from the drainage system. Most asphalt services Sydney firms have today normally tell their customers to keep the drainage system clean and debris-free so as to not affect the pavement’s solidity.

4. Do not ignore the weeds

Do you think a big stretch of asphalt or concrete can be damaged by an occasional weed here and there? You’ll be surprised how these seemingly small weeds can actually break down concrete if you give it time. Promptly eliminate weeds growing on cracks as to avoid creating large cracks and tripping hazards for pedestrians.

5. Fill up any cracks both minor and major ones

It is only normal that once you see a crack, you need to fill it out to make it less destructive. Sealing them by yourself or by hiring asphalt contractors should be done as soon as possible.

6. Clean up oil residue quick

A drippy engine and any oil residue from your car can also damage your parking lot’s pavement. Remove these oil stains quickly with homemade materials only like Coca-Cola and baking soda. Avoid those chemical cleaners that might break down and weaken the integrity of the asphalt or concrete.

7. Restripe to avoid wear and tear damage

Just as how rearranging furniture can help spare the tiled floor from damage due to wear and tear, restriping your pavement parking space can help avoid damage. The spots where your car tires always land and park on will definitely be subject to wear and tear. You can hire line marking Sydney firms today to redirect the damage and restripe the pavement as to not just have a freshly designed parking space but to also avoid wear and tear damage.

8. Get help from the experts

Some parking lot maintenance can be quite the commitment for some very busy car owners. Luckily, there are reliable concrete and asphalt contractors you can hire to help you along the way.