House and Land Packages and Luxury Home Builders

Time comes when your house needs to change. Do you need remodelling or rebuilding? More people are needlessly buying old homes then getting an architect to make an impossible blueprint for renovations. This isn’t practical because of the length of time and massive labour required. Demolition takes a week before any remodelling starts. However, if you choose to have a knockdown rebuild, the beginning of your house’s structural change starts in a few hours.


knockdown rebuild


Reasons for a knockdown rebuild

* The electricals and the plumbing. So the house is up to code, walls need reopening to remove the old wiring and pipes. A great number of old homes have outdated electricals and plumbing.

* You can correct a foundation that isn’t level and square. On a very old house, one side of the house is surely settled. More concerns and work arise if the house wasn’t square to start with.

* Land is few. A knockdown rebuild is economical and convenient.

House and Land Package

Because lands aren’t easy to come by and it is hard to find someone to build a good house, there are luxury home builders who partner with land developers on the land for sale Sydney has today. House and land packages exist to suit you.

One good example is the spring farm house & land in the Spring Farm Estate, a new housing community in the fast-developing Western corridor of South Sydney. Amenities and transport are close by. With the aim of enjoying the outdoor life, a huge part of the housing development is for parkland, scenic and walking tracks, bushland and playing fields. Picnic areas and recreational facilities are everywhere .

Eden Brae Homes has contemporary-designed and award-winning houses and land packages that suit any family’s lifestyle.

Benefits of house and land packages

* Perfect for first time home buyers, those on a budget and investment properties. There’s no hidden costs, the quoted price is the fixed price. All are in like council requirements, covenants and developer guidelines.

* Upgrades are possible.

* A builder is the best negotiator to the best deal on the block where you want your house.

* You choose the house design and builders package it with your land.

* You may select finishes, fixtures and appliances from many choices.

Luxury Home Builders

Investing in an impressive home means hiring the best to do the job. You need to get a luxury home builder because houses with special designs, with special amenities and safety features are their specialty.

How to get the correct luxury home builder

1. What’s the scope of the project? Is there any special feature you want in your house? What size would you want for your house? What’s the house design and your price range? If your plan is a small, standard home, then a luxury home builder isn’t what you need.

2. Ask for references and check them.

3. Ask the builder about warranty.

4. Request a tour of the home builder’s model homes so you get an exact look at their work.

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