Eager to know the secret of comfortable cycling? Find out

The secret to a comfortable cycling experience lies in your cycling apparel. While there’s no rule against wearing your cotton shirt while cycling, it cannot wick away moisture just like how an authentic cycling jersey does.

If you are not into cycling, you may wonder why cyclists have to wear those tight-fitting jerseys, cycling arm warmers, special shoes or even gloves with holes in the back. There’s actually no written rule about wearing proper gear; however, if you’re planning to do long-distance cycling, comfort should always your top-most priority.

Being a cyclist is not just about buying a durable road bike. You will soon realize that you will need a lot of things if you plan to be a professional cyclist. For starters, you don’t really have to look like you’ll be joining the next tour de France.

Below are the top things you should consider for a comfortable ride:

1. Choose the right fit.

Make sure the cycling jersey you choose fits properly even when you lean forward over the handlebars. Your shirts and jackets should have a longer back. This keeps your lower back covered while a higher-waist legwear is also recommended. If you don’t want your wrists exposed, choose sleeves that are a bit longer.

2. Embrace the padding.

If you want an added layer of shock absorption when you cycle, then choose padded shorts. These shorts have at least one layer of foam added inside them with varying thickness and density. The goal of padded shorts is to reduce road shock getting through your bum. This also works with the padding in your saddle for added support.

Padding is not only added on the bum of your shorts. Cycling gloves also have a thin layer of padding sewn into the palm. This helps you deal with a lot of vibration from the handlebars as you cycle. See here at Mellow Johnny’s

3. Focus on sweat-handling.

Nothing is better than a cycling jersey made from fabrics that wick away moisture from your skin and evaporate. What happens is that when you sweat, your sweat doesn’t soak your shirt. There is also a special outer layer for wet weather that also uses fabrics that help shift your sweat away from your body. The breathable component of cycling jerseys keeps the rain out while allowing your sweat out. But since you will sweat out a lot during long rides, quality cycling waterproofs also have vents so that the warm, moist air is released.

4. Aim for better efficiency

Other than comfort, fit and sweat-handling, you should also think about how efficient you are when cycling. That is why women and mens cycling jerseys are the top choices as they make you go faster without wasting your energy as you ride. How is this done? A cycling jersey is more aerodynamic than regular gear. You won’t have to worry about any spare fabric flapping in the breeze while fitting closely to your body.

It’s not only applicable to cycling jerseys. If you have spinning classes, for instance, you can also choose the best indoor cycling shoes with stiff soles. This is not only to make your feet comfortable but it also ensures you don’t waste your energy in flexing rubber over the pedals.

Final thoughts

Your movement matters. When looking for cycling apparel, make sure that the fabric moves with you as you ride. This is equally important when you are wearing leg gear. Your leg is the one that moves a lot, thus the reason why Lycra is the fabric of choice for cycling jerseys and legweear. It has a built-in stretch factor that doesn’t chafe or even bunch up.

Wearing cycling jerseys is not just all about looking like a pro. It has more to do with comfort as you ride. Its breathable fabric helps you stay dry throughout your cycling adventure. On that note, when looking for quality cycling jersey, look for trusted stores like Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop.

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