Sunshine Coast’s Commercial Property Investment as of 2017

The investment sales market for Sunshine Coast is very strong as the yield per investment is around five to six per cent. People are rapidly investing in commercial property Caloundra wide and other well-located areas as it is a very lucrative option. Sixty industrial land sales have been carried out in the past twelve months and half of them have been taken up by developers. The rentals have remained stable giving another incentive to people to invest in properties. The industrial lands of Coolum, Caloundra and Noosa have been particularly in demand. Caloundra commercial property is offered at competitive prices and the low interest rate on loans is driving people to invest.

Reasons behind this sudden boom in the property market

The Sunshine Coast region is an investment hotspot as it is an attractive tourist destination and offers a great coastal lifestyle. The rentals Sunshine Coast properties offer are relatively cheap than the other areas. This is the reason why the rents for houses and units increased by 4.1 per cent and 3 per cent at the end of last year. The location of the area is another factor in its favour as it is located close to Brisbane. The area has seen a sudden influx of buyers from Asia and the southern states of Australia which has led to a high demand for properties but the supply is not enough to match up to the demand. This has caused a rise in property prices. The Sunshine Coast’s median house price is $555,000 which has seen an increase of 4.4 per cent from last year.

The popular property hotspots along the Sunshine Coast have been Dicky, Shelly and Moffat beaches. Caloundra is favoured for its laid back lifestyle and its coastline is a protected residential area which is not densely populated. In areas like Noosa, houses have been sold for around $2 million and units for $1 million. This sudden rise in investment is due to the rapid development that the Sunshine Coast is currently undergoing which is attracting investors and tourists alike.

Availability of rentals in these areas

The rentals Caloundra properties offer are available in the form of houses, apartment units and cottages. The rental for houses ranges between $285 and $1000 per week. Mostly every Caloundra commercial property is available either on sale or on lease. There are currently many such properties available which you can check out by visiting websites like The commercial properties are conveniently located in the business areas and some are ready for moving in directly. The residential properties are available on rent to those who visit Caloundra on a vacation. These places are located near the beaches and offer all the modern amenities so that the families or couples who stay there get the feeling of a home away from home.


It is a good time to invest in the rental properties Sunshine Coast is offering. The prices are still affordable at Henzells real estate. Rentvestment is attracting investors as they are buying properties for renting purposes and the return on their investment is helping them to buy a more affordable house for themselves in the same area. So go ahead and take the advantage of this investment boom and buy a caloundra commercial property as an investment. For more details, you can visit

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How to Build Your Home Using Stock House Plans

Buying a home is a huge step. It is a big financial investment that requires serious consideration to ensure that you have made the right investment. But building a house is trickier because you might be happy to have the freedom to choose the style you want, but there are so many elements to consider. For this reason, a lot of potential homeowners decide to buy house plans because it simplifies the process of building a design and layout for the home to be built. It can also save you a lot of money from hiring an architecture to do the custom house plan for you. house plans If you are afraid that existing home plans might not fit your needs, there are ways to go about this issue. But first, you need to know about the process of choosing and buying plans. Before You Buy House Plans
  • Before you buy the plan for your house design, you need to know the exact measurement of the land where you want to build home in. It is also important to know the features of the land as certain aspects of the plan might not fit into these restrictions. Also, it is a practical consideration to make sure that you choose the appropriate size of the plan for the land.
  • Find a builder. It is an important step because you want the expertise of the builder to line up with your desired home design. For example, the builder must have had experience building double story homes.
  • Know your budget. While it might be desirable to build a two-storey home, you have to consider if it fits into your budget. You can always add the second storey later when your budget would allow it.
Modifying House Plans
  • Buying a stock plan for your home is an economic way to planning your house design. But if there are certain aspects of the existing plan that you wish to change, you can definitely do so. But before you start on the construction project, it is important to discuss the modifications with your contractor first. This will enable them to calculate the cost of the modification with the overall construction budget.
  • The service cost associated with modifying the house plan might entail a different rate. Hence, you need to openly discuss with your builder about these costs.
  • Be realistic. If budget is an issue, try to do easy fixes as a form of modification. There is no need to drastically change the house plan. If you are looking at a sheet of paper that details the house plan, it might seem like a simple change when you try to expand the room or move a wall. But in reality, the cost can add up big time. There could also be an indirect impact on the cost of the project, such as it will add more days to the length of the construction and you will need to acquire additional materials (that also means more cost).
If you are looking for plans for single or double storey homes, you can go to You can simplify the planning process so you can get started on building your dream home.
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Winterize Your Motorhome in 4 Easy Steps

Although Sydney never had snow since 1936, a lot of homes still prepare for the season. The temperature may fluctuate and if your home is not energy efficient, your savings could technically disappear right out the window. This is especially important if you are planning to buy a motorhome in Sydney. Just like regular homes, motorhomes are usually damaged during the cold winter months. Before you look at motorhomes for sale Sydney dealers offer, make sure you know how to winterize your motorhome to avoid spending more on repairs when spring arrives. 1. Use it Daily One of the best ways you can ensure your motorhome is up and running during the winter is to use it. Some people are hesitant to buy any motorhomes for sale Sydney dealers offer because of the perceived difficulty in winterizing a motorhome. If you plan to make it your permanent home, then you can keep it running to prevent your water lines from freezing. Waterlines intended for motorhome use are usually narrow and has the tendency to freeze when the temperature drops significantly. 2. Winterise Your Waterlines To keep your water lines or water heater tank from freezing in the cold weather, make sure to connect a non-toxic antifreeze solution to the water lines. This can be done when you set up a temporary water pump so the antifreeze can bypass into your plumbing system. Make sure that your antifreeze is pumped through all your water lines. You can do this by draining all your plumbing system first before using the anti-freeze. Dealers of Sydney motorhomes for sale will also advise you of how to winterize your water lines. Your motorhome’s insurance policy does not cover busted pipes so make sure to take care of that first. 3. Cover All Vents Outside Your motorhome’s fridge may have a vent that is intended for its use. Don’t forget to cover them to keep rodents, insects, debris and most importantly, keep the cold draft from coming into your motorhome. However, make sure to leave the fix vent grills at low levels because they help ensure your safety in case of a gas leak. Motorhomes for sale in Sydney have their owners’ manual that you can check depending on the model of your choice. 4. Inflate Your Tyres. If you are not using your motorhome, you can have a custom tyre cover so the sun’s ultraviolet rays cannot harm your tyres. Your tyres will easily rot under prolonged exposure to the sun. Your trusted dealership will help you find motorhomes for sale Sydney wide that has custom winter tyre cover that you can use for your motorhome make and model. Checking your owners manual every now and then is a good practice so you will get to know the dos and don’ts for your motorhome. The above are just a few tips on how you can winterize your motorhome. Talking to other motorhome owners will also help you solve other out of the box issues with motorhomes for sale Sydney dealerships offer today. Lastly, do not be afraid to go camping even in cold weathers. There are various campgrounds in Australia that you can still visit during winter to make the most of your winter holiday inside your motorhome. Visit us at
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