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The Art in Hot Melt: Graphic Arts and Bookbinding

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For most bookworms, the paperback book is just one of a kind. Kindles and EPubs may dominate the publishing industry today, but the printed word isn’t going anywhere. Regardless of everyone’s speculation that paper is becoming obsolete, more paper mass production innovations are developing today. One of them is hot melt graphic arts.

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What is hot melt anyway?

If you came across with this article, chances are you’re a curious graphic designer, a student who has a bookbinding project, or a worker in the adhesive industry. But for those who don’t know what a hot melt is, it’s a thermoplastic type of adhesive that is designed to melt in glue guns. It’s used to bond many types of materials that we use every day. Few of them are wood, plastics, ceramics, fabrics, and glass.

What does hot melt graphic arts have to do with books?

One of hot melt adhesive’s application is hot melt graphic arts. Bookbinding and paper conversion is under the graphic arts market. Hot melt binding uses adhesive in hot melt packaging, hot melt labelling, gluing spines, and hinge gluing.

Historically, bookbinding was done by craftsmen, which was called hand binding then. Today, bookbinding can be mass produced with the help of hot melt.

Here are some examples of bookbinding processes that benefit from hot melt adhesive:

Double-fan adhesive binding – It’s done by applying thin layers of glue to each edge in pages. The glued edges of the formed text block form the spine once they’re attached to a cloth.

Perfect binding – It’s often used in paperback and soft-cover books. The cover is made of a thicker and heavier paper, while the spine is glued together with a strong glue. The spine has notches so that hot glue can penetrate into it. Aside from hot melt, dispersion adhesives and reactive polyurethane hot melts are also used in perfect binding.

Tape binding – It’s done by wrapping a piece of tape around the base of the document. A thermal adhesive on the glue strip is activated through a tape-binding machine.

How does hot melt help the bookbinding industry?

It’s difficult to imagine the bookbinding industry without hot melt adhesives. New application techniques have paved the way for more effective adhesives as well.

Hot melt systems are helping the bookbinding industry’s demand for high speed and precision. The products must provide a solution bonding materials. Hot melt is also speedy but has low energy consumption.

In the recent years, the standard for the graphic industry has vastly improved. Improved adhesion spectrum in hot melts made production safer. It also made mass production more economical because materials that are difficult to bond are now being bonded. Spine glues like hot melts used in two-shot processes, low-temperature hot melts, and new reactive polyurethane hot melts are also developing.

Surveys even found that hot melt adhesives used in brochure and catalog production are safe for paper recycling. If sustainability in application and products will be further improved by the hot melt adhesive industry, the calls for trashing paper because of its “unsustainability” will be finally silenced.

With this, bookworms who prefer paper can rejoice because the printed word is going nowhere. See more at

Public Health 101: The Perks of an Effective Wastewater Treatment Plan

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It is amazing how 3/4 of the Earth is covered with water, however, it is surprising to know that only 1% of this is usable fresh water. Furthermore, it was found that Australia may have been on the top for most water wasted, given the most fresh water comes from underground (Hoekstra, Chapagain et al. 2006). With a water wastage equivalent of eight swimming pools per year when the study was conducted, improvements had to be made. Should improvements in water treatment such as upgraded Dissolved Air Flotation processes haven’t been passed, it was seen that 2 out of 3 people will live in water-stressed conditions by 2025.

Here are some summarized FAQs that may shed more light about wastewater treatments such as what Dissolved Air Flotation Brisbane water treatment specialists provide:

It sounds so scientific and technical. What does it mean really? How does it work?

Dissolved Air Flotation is a means to remove the waste from the water by dissolving air particles under pressure. Once dissolved, these are subject to atmospheric pressure levels to raise them to the surface, the waste tagging along. Since this works on an atomic level, waste and dust also go the surface. From there, they are skimmed with a mechanism. Additionally, most providers of Brisbane Dissolved Air Flotation comes with a patented upgrade for the skimming process that eliminates the need for mechanical scrapers.

Does this wastewater treatment help the environment?

That’s a big yes. At an alarming rate, studies show that freshwater animals go extinct five times faster than land animals. It’s relevance? Because fresh water is wasted for consumerist demands and other uses, natural water supplies are tapped, hitting fresh water wildlife. Imagine being able to recycle 8 swimming pools of fresh, drinkable, usable water. The more water isn’t wasted the better. Mother nature will greatly appreciate it. This is why measures have been done to encourage industries, businesses, and households to consider most water treatment procedures like Dissolved Air Flotation systems.

What parameters do I look for a specialized provider?

Quality and technological edge are some things to consider when you find Dissolved Air Flotation Brisbane specialists provide. You should also look for a tech-smart engineering team that may provide you cost-efficient wastewater treatment suites. Simplicity without functional compromise is a plus you’d really appreciate in the long run. What’s more is, while availing of this, you reap the benefits with mother nature. It isn’t enough to be just knowledgeable, it helps to be wise. Consider the difference when looking for specialists to entrust your wastewater management concerns.

Recycle water. Help the Environment. Consider DAF Wastewater Treatment.

The DAF treatment has been around since the 1920’s and in those years, almost a century later, improvements have been made in the dissolving process and the scraping phase of the treatment. Efficient, simplistic systems that save energy, thus cost, may just what your household or business needs in helping the environment out.

Specialized wastewater management firms like Aerofloat may just help you with a good deal. Check their website at

Power Your Business With The New Generation Air Compressors

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While you are trying to find some inexpensive and safe way to start your business, one great way is to go for an air filling service. You may have noticed that there are so many things in an office or house, which need to be filled with air to get inflated and become functional. Over the years the use of inflatable items has grown so huge that swimming pools to rafts, tents to sofa sets, all are available in inflatable forms. People have in fact come up with inflatable pop-up night clubs too – just imagine! And it’s beyond the scope of simple pumps to inflate such giant items quickly. But a machine powered by an air compressor certainly can do the task quite easily. And if you have the latest air compressors which will be just a one-time investment, then you will be able to start your business quite effectively without more recurring investments.

air compressors

Comparison of a normal air pump with a pressure pump

A normal pump may not be able to force in the air after an extent. When the item looks apparently inflated, and your air pump is apparently not inserting any more air, then you may think it’s done. But often the air is not retained inside the inflatable product, not just because of the fault in its make, but also because enough air pressure was not pumped inside actually. But when this air is inserted through bigger air pumps powered by strong air compressors, the pressure is maintained well and pressurized air is inserted in the best proportions to make sure that the item is plump, sturdy and fully intact. With good air compressors Adelaide shops sell, you too can start giving this service to customers.

A great boost to the business

There are many small and medium businesses too, completely dependent on compressed air to give their service, pack materials etc. For them a high quality air compressor means a lot, and when you get a good one, it actually becomes a good investment. However, to accommodate things into your small budget, don’t buy air compressors second hand. In Adelaide you would get air compressors in great quality, and instead of buying a used compressor you can actually buy the latest ones based on the new technology, which is even available at affordable prices.

Air compression at low fuel intake

If you are not much aware of the latest technologies being used in the modern day compressors, then you must know they are available in 3 forms. You may power them with either of the three – diesel, petrol, and power. Compressors also come in various sizes, and hence if you have accommodation problem, then you may go for smaller machines too. The best air compressors in Adelaide which consume less power, take medium to less space, and come at an affordable price are available for all small and big businesses.

Whether you plan to start your own business, or plan to add more machinery and infrastructure to your business, the latest technology air compressing machines (check here: are no match to the old styles. You must get one to see how efficiently you can work.