Bathroom Fixtures 101: Factors for Selecting the Ideal Toilet for your Bathroom Layout

Regardless of how you describe it, the toilet is a vital facility in your home. While the cost and appearance matter, how well it flushes and how much water it consumes matter more.  Features such as flushing mechanism, water saving efficiency, noise, and comfort are worth remembering when buying a new toilet. Any good toilet Brisbane market has to offer should not only generate enough flushing power to clean the bowl, but it must also conserve water.

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Factors to consider when buying a new toilet:

Comfort and cleanliness

Both the shape and size of the toilet are some of the factors you will need to consider when it comes to comfort. In most cases, elongated bowls are better than the round ones. If most of the individuals in your house are short, consider going for shorter toilets. Any good toilet Brisbane market has to offer must not allow the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria that cause odors and stain. Facilities built with antimicrobial additives are likely to remain cleaner and attractive for a relatively long period between cleanings.

Flush power and environmental factors

It is recommendable to buy a toilet with an efficient level of flush power. Any vacuum-assisted toilet Brisbane sellers sell can enhance the flush power by creating a vacuum so as to pull the unwanted materials from the bowl. Pressure assisted toilets use water to remove waste from the bowl. The eco-friendly toilet can be appropriate for you especially if you really care about the safety of the environment. They use less amount of water compared to the other types.

Common types of toilets:

One-piece and two-piece toilets

This style eradicates the seam between the bowl and tank. This results into a facility with no crevices. Any one-piece toilet Brisbane toilet shops sell should not trap dirt. Those that fall under this type are generally more expensive compared to other types such as two-piece models.

Two-piece toilets have separate bowls and tanks. If you are planning to install a toilet into a tight space, this type can be the most appropriate for you especially if you are intending to go the DIY route. The bolts used to hold the bowl and the tank together and the water inlet hole, are usually sealed. The seam between the components is also sealed with rubber gaskets.

Round-front and elongated bowls

Snub-nose toilet bowl designs can be appropriate for you if the space available is a small one. The elongated or the pear-shaped toilet bowl type has additional centimeters of toilet bowl extensions on the front side. This style can be good for you if there is plenty of space available. Before you buy items such as a toilet, it is important to consider the space available. This will help you choose the most appropriate facility.

Wall-mount toilets

Toilets that fall under this type attach directly to the wall. The tank is normally concealed within the wall cavity hence creating a more usable floor space. If there is less space within the room and you are planning to buy toilet in Brisbane shops, think of wall-mount toilets. They occupy a relatively smaller space within a room. Most importantly, you will have an easy time when cleaning the lower part of the bowl. For more details, please visit