Assuring Safety With Anchor Point Testing Certification in Sydney

According to the Wilderness and Environmental Medical Journal, almost 20 percent of abseiling or much commonly known as rappelling accidents are caused by weak anchor points. This is even harder on buildings where there are no boulders where mountain climbers usually attach themselves to for a more pleasant descend. You know how important it is getting our building windows and façade clean and well maintained. However, you don’t want unnecessary risks as well. That is why you need to hire experts who have been certified by the anchor point testing certification Sydney has.


Anchor Point Testing Certification Sydney



The anchor point testing certification Sydney has aims to eliminate all hazard by using the standards that have been indicated by the government body that supervises this industry. It also wishes to eliminate possible accidents to ensure a safer and more efficient abseiling application.

How is it done?

If you happen to already have installed anchor points (the safety ones) without the help of a body certified by the anchor point testing certification Sydney has, then that anchor point needs to be inspected by a certified installer so that you can comply to the requirements and receive a certificate. The issued certificate is valid for 12 months. This means that the installed anchor point will be inspected again to ensure that it still complies the standard that is mandated by the government. Remember that it is very important to comply with the government’s standards so that you can avoid further problems, or worst lawsuits.

What are the benefits?

Keeping an up to date and current anchor point will allow your workers (contracted, hired, etc.) to go to your roof without requiring the installation of safety railings every single time. Having it also ensures that all safety anchor points are not corroding or rusting which usually results to damage and even accidents. In short it is the epitome of assurance that leaves you worry free. Click here Hi-Point

Things to keep in mind

Before planning to get a certificate via an Anchor Point Testing Certification, make sure that you are not rushing your decision regarding the firm, agency or company that you are going to have a deal with. This also goes with the price and the amount of time spent in your Sydney anchor point testing certification. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind:

·         Does the height of the anchor point system comply with the standards stipulated in AS/NZS1891.4?

·         Is the installer of your choice competent enough to mount your roof anchors?

·         Does the anchor of your choice come with an installation guide, testing results, documentations and product sheets?

·         Does your roof allow complete access?

·         Are you getting yearly inspections that coincide with the Australian standards?

·         Is the price quoted to you worth it?

Safety should be one of your major priorities as a building owner. With that being said, spending huge loads of money for fraudulent companies is a disaster. Therefore, be wise, take time and do your research because the last thing that you need is a lawsuit because you did not comply with government standards as related to anchor point testing certification in Sydney.